Create a professional profile to promote yourself. This package also allows you to:

  • Promote Yourself on Social Media
  • Profiles can optionally include the following
    • Custom display name, location, contact info.
    • Pricing, keywords
    • Multiple instruments and teaching styles
    • How to find you (social media, website, etc)
    • How you teach (bio, who you work with, whether you offer online, in person, in groups, etc).
    • Introductory video (from YouTube or Vimeo)
    • and more!

Features are unlocked immediately after purchase

Variation Description

Do you have a community or content you want to share (free or paid)? This is the spot for you

Marketing Features +

Create unlimited groups where you have total control over access and content.

Interact with your audience! Answer questions, private events, share restricted content and more

Or - bundle your lessons or content for payment and get residual income!*

Or - create huge value added for your lessons by providing a private area where you can communicate and share with them.

* At this point payments are not handled by this site, but contact us if you are interested in this feature. But if you already have Patreon or Similar, the you can use that and simply grant access locally, keeping 100% of the profit.