Benefits for Guitar Teachers

Take Control of your Marketing

by being yourself

You probably love to what you do, but this is also a business. And we can all improve at letting people know what we do, and who we are looking for. aims to help you do this is a slightly different way:

  • Be and share who you are. Your profile on our site can be engaging, colorful, personal.
  • List any events or performances that so visitors can find activities that interest them
  • Share all you offer, how you offer it and who your ideal customers are. Even add an introductory video if you have one!


are you ready to share what you do?

  • Write about what you are passionate about, and then share it from here – that way, it helps your business AND connects you with the audience that resonates with you.
  • Everything is shareable – so the student’s family and friends who want to support you can.
  • Publish new content as often as you like!

Create Something Uniquely Yours

and increase your money flow

  • Do you have content, lessons, or a community to bring to life? Create it hear and leverage this sites growth and community.
  • A lot of people have a curriculum or tools, etc. Our groups allow for hybrid (semi guided) learning.
  • Would you like to earn residual income? Or control access to your personal content?

Already Established?

Consider our migration plan, two years and up to 5 hours of personal consulting to get you set up. After that, just pay the 'Works' plan at $195 / year.

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