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Guitar Learning is built to support your growth, whether you are just getting started or already have a global following. Check out our plans below, and if you have any questions or would like to discuss the best plan, call (248) 635-8216.


Our Plans:

  1. Basic Plan - Publish your teacher optimized profile, enable social sharing and get listed in our website searches. Only $15 / year - and a great options for those who don't have time to maintain their own website.
  2. Marketer Plan - All of the features above, plus publish unlimited articles, lessons or blogs that can be shared and lead back to your profile. A great plan for those with a lot to share! Only $45 / year.
  3. The Works - All of the above, plus create unlimited groups for community, lesson bundles, curriculums and more. Keep the profits of anything you sell! Only $195 / year.
  4. Migration - Get a two year plan + up to 5 hours of custom consultation to get moved over and maximize your user of our platform.

Basic Plan ($15 / year) Buy Now

Our entry level plan is packed with features, such as a killer profile.

Awesome Profiles
Awesome Profiles


Getting found in searches

Be found in our Searches


Get started with the Basic Plan today!
All features unlocked immediately after purchase 

Marketing Plan ($45 / Year) Buy Now

If that's not enough, our marketing plan is great for content authors and social sharers. Get everything you write working for you!

For Marketers
Have everything you write help you connect with prospects

Let everything you write lead people to your profile and be socially shareable. 

Plus use your personal dashboard for managing what you have on our platform.

Dashboard to manage your profile and content easily
Dashboard to manage your profile and content easily


The Works ($195 / year) Buy Now

Are you one of the many teachers who have developed a ton of materials over the years? This tier can help you get residual income by selling access to you material in collections that you fully control.

Host your own private content
Are you ready to create a growing set of private content for your students?

With this tier, you can create bundles, support a growing community of students, offer private group lessons and more!

Note - there are so many payment mechanisms, that we leave this up to you. But you also don't have to pay a cut to us. Just your annual website fee and anything you make is yours to keep.


Migration ($500 - forever) Buy Now

Do you already have courses or applications elsewhere? Learn how to switch with up to 5 hours of custom support. See how our platform can fill your needs. Call (248)635-8216 for details.